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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls, step right up! introducing the glorious magical trainwreck that is Christopher Wonder; the bastard son of Pt Barnum, Andy Kaufman, Evil Kinevil and Tom Waits. Presenting to you The Wonder Show, the  world’s only Children’s show for adults; a candy store full of circus, magic, punk and vaudeville. Recreating the past while giving you a glimpse of the future Christopher Wonder pushes the boundaries of what’s acceptable, never taking himself too seriously, walking a fine line between the beautiful and the absurd.

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                            Who the Fuck is       Christopher Wonder?!

What the Fuck is The WONDER SHOW?!

         The WONDER                            SHOW?!

The Wonder Show is an inebrated exsitential carnival ride through the deepest depths of your imagination. Starring Christopher Wonder. The show blends magic, circus sideshow and burlesque to create a one of a kind experience it for those who desire a distinct kind of alternative antertainment

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Christoper Wonder is an enigma. Part skilled magician, part vaudevillian comic with a liberal hint of town drunk and tattooed vagrant geek thrown in. In other words, he's AMAZING!

       -preoccupied by dave Magazing

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